National Nest Box Week at Dorothy Clive Garden

After days of non stop rain and winds reaching over 100mph which knocked down trees in the Staffordshire area, I was not holding out much hope for a sunny day in order to attend the ‘Build a Brood a Home’ event at Dorothy Clive Gardens in Market Drayton.

But for one day, the rain held off and Sunday brought a calm, if not chilly day in Staffordshire.

Dorothy Clive Gardens is a 12 acre garden created in 1939 from a disused Victorian quarry by Colonel Harry Clive for his wife Dorothy.

Arriving at 11.30am, I set straight to work making my bird box with the help of a Wildlife Trust team member. I got stuck in with pieces of wood, nails, hammers, screws and drills! Within 15 minutes I had made a box with a 25mm hole,  perfect for attracting birds such as blue tits, coal tits and great tits.

Soon the gardens were buzzing with more and more visitors enthusiastic to make a bird box for their gardens and the Wildlife Trust team were worried they would run out of materials quicker than expected!

Making a Nest Box at Dorothy Clive Garden

Making a Nest Box at Dorothy Clive Garden

The finished product

The finished product

And here is the finished product! A very rustic looking box I am sure any bird would be proud to call home!

The next step, to get it on the wall and hopefully attract some birds.

January and February is when birds start looking for a place to nest, so fingers crossed!

Nest Box Tip! 

Attach a metal plate around the entrance hole of the nest box to deter predators such as squirrels and woodpeckers. This nest box at Dorothy Clive Garden has fallen victim to a predator attack.

A nest box victim

A nest box victim

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