A successful wildlife week

Well it is now coming to the end of my first week writing a blog as a local patch reporter for the BBC wildlife magazine feature. This is the first time I have written a blog and it has proved to be quite addictive!

Luckily it has been half term so I have had a week to explore and get stuck into writing my blog.

It is back to reality tomorrow though and its time to put away my walking boots, step away from the computer and think about giving my flat a bit of TLC. My flat is beginning to resemble the inside of a nature reserves visitor centre with numerous field guides, bird books, nesting materials and bird seed.

But as the nights are getting lighter and the rain seems to be holding off for now, there will be lots of opportunities to explore more nature reserves after work in the evenings as well as weekends. And not forgetting the daily action from the local blue tits.

Stay Tuned for more updates! All comments welcome!

2 thoughts on “A successful wildlife week

  1. What a brilliant week, we have been very lucky with the weather. and we have seen such a lot. Most exciting for me was coming across the badger sett, it was so exciting spotting all the evidence that in fact badgers are active there, cant wait to see them in action.

    Looking forward to the next trip, to see what else we can spot 🙂

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