TAILS, SCALES AND WARTS: A Frog at School! (27.02.14)

Thursday Morning, 8.50am. A normal day at school as the children arrive for registration.

But, there is a flurry of excitement by the school doors. What is that hiding behind the school door this morning?

A very frightened frog

A very frightened frog

While the children are very excited, it is clear this frog is very disorientated and frightened.

Froggy Facts:

Frogs hibernate under logs, stones or leaves from October to January. Our school grounds offer perfect hibernation spots for these frogs.

Frogs come out of hibernation as early as February and migrate to bodies of water such as garden ponds. 

This frog had quite a journey to make to the school pond located in the infants. And with play time not far away, he would be very lucky to make this journey without being trampled on.

That is where myself and two very keen year 5 children come in! Ok so helping a frog to a pond was not part of the lesson plans for that morning, but we certainly played our part in frog conservation.


The frog (named Mr Hop) looking a little bit more confident as the children leave him in peace and head off for morning assembly.


‘Peace and quiet at last!’

Looking around, the children found a piece of sports equipment to coax    the frog into, ready for transporting to the school pond. But…..he was having none of it!


‘I wouldn’t be seen dead travelling in that!

So, there was only one thing for it. We had to catch him by hand!

I was  hoping the children would be more than happy to do this, but they  weren’t! So it  was left to me, and the children took over photographing duties.

A lot of giggles (from myself and the children), a few croaks and hops later and I  finally caught him.

He was very wriggly and croaky to begin with, but after the children explained  to him what was happening he soon calmed down.


‘Oh this is soooo undignified’


It was a bit of an adventure getting Mr Hop to the pond without disturbing    morning assembly. But with the help of two members of staff we  finally arrived at the pond, with the two year 5 wildlife photographers in tow.

I opened my hand and……nothing. He seemed quite comfortable sitting in my  hand. He had all the time in the world, not realising we had to get back for literacy lessons.

With a helpful nudge from one of my enthusiastic helpers he finally hopped off into his new home.



‘Make sure you get my best side’


A new home for Mr Hop.



A Big Thank You to Mrs Barker (who gave permission for myself and the two  year 5 children to take part in this mission), Mrs Thomas (who opened the infant   school door for us so that we did not disturb morning assembly) and Mrs  Leech  (who helped us to get Mr Hop safely to his new home).

 Stay tuned!

The children will be keeping a close eye on the pond, and hopefully as spring  arrives so will frog spawn.

6 thoughts on “TAILS, SCALES AND WARTS: A Frog at School! (27.02.14)

  1. A great blog Zoe – makes good reading. He was quite a handsome little fella and certainly got an immediate fan club!
    It will be interesting to see developments in the school pond and hopefully we’ll get some frogspawn!

    • Thank you very much Liz, that means a lot 🙂 Oh yes, he certainly had a lot of fans and I am sure the children will keep us posted on if any frog spawn appears in the pond. Fingers crossed!

  2. This is such a lovely blog Zoe. I think the children would love to see this. I’m looking forward to our next adventure with Mr . Frog !

    • Thank you very much Ange 🙂 Must admit it’s becoming very addictive! We will have to keep an eye on that pond now.I am sure we can get the children involved.

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