When we found ‘Mr Hop’ at school, the first question the children asked, apart from ‘can we keep him as a pet?’ was ‘How do you know if it’s a frog or a toad?’


  • Strong, long, webbed hind feet for jumping and swimming.
  • Smooth, slimy skin (This one definately had slimy skin).
  • Lay eggs in clusters.
  • Frogs can jump
A common frog found at school.
A common frog found at school.


  • Stubby bodies with short hind legs for walking.
  • Warty, dry skin.
  • Lay eggs in long chains.
  • Toads walk instead of hop.
A cane toad in Panama
A cane toad in Panama (notice the warty, dry skin)

Interesting Toad Fact

During my time living in Panama, I saw many cane toads which are about the same size as an average common frog.

But during a visit to Parque Metropolitano, a rainforest in Panama, I saw a cane toad the size of a car tyre! Unfortunately because I was so speechless, he went into the undergrowth before I had time to get my camera.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jackie Cheadle says:

    Oh my goodness Zo. I remember that cane toad in Panama, he was like a huge boulder, he just appeared in front of us on the pathway, boing……. then bounded into the undergrowth. He was huge, I dont know how he managed to jump.

  2. zoeanne83 says:

    We were in the right place at the right time that day. Think it was more of a clumsy waddle than a hop. It was quite unbelievable! Everything was super size in the rainforest …remember the grasshoppers?

    1. Jackie Cheadle says:

      Do you mean those mini helicopters that flew past our heads, they were huge, and those big blue butterflies, they were beautiful……… Amazing experience in those rain forests eh ? X

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