TAILS OF THE GARDEN SHED: Who lives in a shed like this?

IMG_5037The shed at the bottom of my nans garden is rarely used, well, at least by humans. But there have been signs of other kinds of life visiting the shed.

Clue 1

A house brick is used to keep the shed door closed, especially on windy days. However, on a few occasions the brick has been moved leaving the shed door wide open.

Clue 2

Inside the shed were scraps of half eaten food.

Clue 3

A scruffy scouring sponge was found on top of the house brick.


So who could this mystery visitor be?




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jackie Cheadle says:

    Sorry Zo, don’t get too excited………… I think its your nan having midnight feasts down there, then using the scourer to do the dishes after. : )

  2. zoeanne83 says:

    Ha ha I really would not be surprised! 🙂

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