TAILS, SCALES AND WARTS: An Orange Frog at School? (21st March 2014)

Nearing the end of morning break at school, I was walking down the corridor when a group of year 6 pupils came rushing towards me. ‘Miss! Miss! Miss! We have found another frog on the playground!’ As I approached, I saw yet another very frightened looking frog. Except this time, he looked as though he had been tangoed! He or she was a bright orange colour.

FACT: After some research, this isn’t an exotic species of frog we have found on our school playground. Common frogs tend to be green or brown, but they can be red, orange, cream or black in colour.

With the help of a year 6 pupil, we caught him and carried him through the school to the pond.

We shall definately be keeping our eye out for frog spawn this year.


‘Mmmmm this is cosy’




Getting ready for his new home.

Will he? Won't he?

Will he? Won’t he?

Looking very content in the school pond.

Yay! He has taken the plunge!



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