What Is That Bird? (27th March 2014)

I moved into my first floor flat last year. What I love most about it is that it overlooks a farmers field and I have an excellent view of the wildlife from my sofa. Who needs tv eh?

Birdwatching has to be my favourite past time. I didn’t go into it deliberately though. It really started when I lived in Switzerland. I bought a basic bird feeder for my garden. After a month of waiting, a variety of birds started visiting. Great tits, blue tits, greenfinches, goldfinches, chaffinches, and my favourite, a great spotted woodpecker. I soon got used to the sounds of the different birds. Sometimes if my blinds were closed I could only see the silouettes of birds at the bird feeder and in flight, but I soon found that I could identify the birds from the sounds they made and the way they flew.

I think this is something I have often taken for granted.

Looking across at the farmers field I can identify magpies, woodpigeons, starlings and crows just from the way they fly. On this particular day though an unfamiliar bird flew across the field.

This was quite a large bird in flight. Large black wings with a white belly. It swooped across the field and in an instant, turned back and forth on itself. At one point it took a fast dive down towards the field before swooping upwards again.

My zoom lens on my camera just about reached to get a slightly out of focus photo of this bird when it landed…

A Lapwing

A Lapwing


FACT: A female lapwing has a shorter crest than the male. It is hard to tell if this is a male or female.

FACT:  They need undisturbed fields such as meadows for nesting.

Lapwings are usually seen in flocks, so I was quite surprised to see this lapwing alone. This lapwing has been a regular visitor to the field everyday. Maybe this could be a possible nesting site?

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