SCHOOL WILDLIFE CLUB: Pond Dipping (8th April 2014)

There are two year 6 pupils at school who are extremely enthusiastic about the wildlife in our school pond.

It started when they helped the frogs found on our school playground find their way to the pond. Since then, the pupils have been visiting the pond every lunchtime.

So they were thrilled when I suggested a lunchtime pond dip.

They came armed on Tuesday with nets, magnifying glasses, spoons and dishes and we wore aprons and gloves.

We found a few different creatures living in the pond…



We found this insect living underwater in the plants…



And we also spotted some frogspawn…

IMG_7293 IMG_7292

We know that the photo on the right is frogspawn but we are unsure of what the photo on the left shows. Could this be frogspawn too?

Next term, there are a few classes who will be learning about the life cycle of the frog. For this reason, we decided to place some of the frogspawn in a container so that pupils at school can look at the frogspawn and observe it changing into tadpoles. We have placed the container in a shaded area.

IMG_7316 IMG_7317



Frogs lay eggs in clumps that float just below the surface of the water.

Toad’s spawn forms a long string which is wrapped around plant stems.

So we know that this is frog spawn that we have found.

We saw lots more minibeasts in the pond, but unfortunately some were so tiny that we struggled to get a good photograph of them.

However, we did use a pond and river guide to help us to identify the creatures and what we found were water beetle larvae and flatworms.

We will continue our pond dipping expedition after the Easter holidays.

2 thoughts on “SCHOOL WILDLIFE CLUB: Pond Dipping (8th April 2014)

  1. I used to love capturing frogspawn when I went fishing with my dad! When they start to change a washing up bowl is good to use as it’s shallow and you can put rocks in for them to crawl onto. Make sure you put chicken wire over though, I’ve shed many a tear over the birds eating my frogs!

    • Hope it brought back some nice memories for you rach 🙂 I think I kept mine in Switzerland in a bowl but indoors so will definitely make sure I get some chicken wire. Thanks for the tip.

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