A Bluebell Wood in Staffordshire (25th April 2014)

Although I had seen a few patches of bluebells at Apedale Country Park, I wanted to visit a reserve that was home to carpets of bluebells.

The end of April sees the start of one of Britain’s most breath taking wild spectacles, the bluebell wood. Bluebell woods are very special as nowhere else has the same number of bluebell displays that we have here in Britain. Bluebells flower early before the canopy closes in late spring.

My Mums friend told her of a place, The Spinney, only a ten minute drive from my flat that had a very impressive display of bluebells. I have never seen this spectacle and wasn’t sure what to expect. When we arrived the view was amazing. I have never seen so many bluebells.

IMG_0682 IMG_0681 IMG_0680 IMG_0678 IMG_0686 IMG_0685 IMG_0684

We managed to enjoy the bluebells, spot lots of wild garlic as well as woodland birds before the sun disappeared and there was a huge downpour of rain just before lunch.

Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic


We heard the distinctive song of this song thrush before my Mum spotted this well camouflaged bird high up in a tree.



2 thoughts on “A Bluebell Wood in Staffordshire (25th April 2014)

    • Hi thank you for your comment. It is in a wood on a road called The Spinney. You can park up and you can see the bluebells from the road and there are benches to sit on. The whole walk wouldn’t be wheelchair friendly but you can certainly sit on a bench close by and enjoy the scenary. They are out at the moment!

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