THE BALCONY BLUES: The Nest is Complete (14th April 2014)

After a very busy couple of weeks, it looks as though the blue tit nest is now complete! They have certainly been very busy. This is my first camera nestbox and I am absolutely thrilled that they have decided to nest here.

As well as the nut feeder, I also used a fat ball feeder to store potential nesting material such as straw and cotton wool for the blue tits. It proved to be a success!

IMG_0339    IMG_0341

The finished nest
The finished nest with evidence of the cotton wool.
On the lookout.
On the lookout.




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  1. That’s a good idea for nesting material. I was clearing lots of moss of our steps, so left some on top of the bins. Sure enough, the robins nesting near by came to have a sort through.

    1. zoeanne83 says:

      That sounds like perfect nesting material Sally. When my Mum has brushed the dog, she puts the hair on the lawn and the sparrows love it!

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