The House Sparrow (April 2014)

My Mum has at least a dozen house sparrows visiting her garden everyday. I live only 5 minutes away from my Mum, and yet I have never had one house sparrow visiting my bird feeder. That was until one day in early April this year. I spotted my first sparrow sitting on the tree outside my flat.

House Sparrow Facts:

* I have to admit, I have always taken the ‘common’ house sparrow for granted. But between 1977 and 2008, the house sparrow population severely dropped by 71 percent.  Because of this huge decline, the house sparrow is now seen as a conservation concern. The reason for this decline is unexplained.

* House sparrows can be seen all year round feeding on seeds and scraps.

House Sparrow or Tree Sparrow?

The house sparrow is very similar to the tree sparrow. A few differences between the two are:

* A house sparrow has a grey cap whereas the tree sparrow has a brown cap.

* A tree sparrow has white cheeks with a square black patch, the house sparrow has no black patch.

A male house sparrow.

A male house sparrow.

Grey cheeks with no black patch.

Grey cheeks with no black patch.

A grey cap

A grey cap


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