THE BALCONY BLUES: Update (10th May 2014)

The female blue tit has been laying an egg a day. She laid her 8th egg on Monday, 6 days ago. I have been keeping my eye on the nest and no more eggs have appeared, and she is spending a lot of time on the nest only leaving to visit the bird feeder. The male still visits occasionally to feed her.


Here is a summary of their journey so far….

18th February 2014: The nest box and camera is installed outside my balcony door.

19th February 2014: Woke up and looked out of my window at 8.00am to see a pair of blue tits investigating the nest box. (It didn’t take them long at all to find it).

28th March 2014: The blue tit visits and has a wriggle around the box.

29th March 2014: The first piece of nesting material has appeared.

4th April 2014: More nesting material (pieces of conifer) has appeared.

11th April 2014: The nest is almost complete.

12th April 2014: First time the female blue tit has roosted in the nest box.

14th April 2014: The blue tits have been bringing in wool and feathers and now the nest is complete.

26th April 2014: The first egg is laid.

29th April 2014: 4 eggs in the nest box.

30th April 2014: 5 eggs in the nest box.

5th May 2014: 8 eggs in the nest box.


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