BIRDS: A Flurry of Baby Bird Activity at Wolseley Centre (4th May 2014)

I attended the dawn chorus walk at the Wolseley Centre in Staffordshire last Sunday. Afterwards, I decided to stay at the reserve. It was 8.00am and the reserve was silent, apart from the sound of bird song of course. It was perfect and so tranquil. I sat on a bench and closed my eyes. I can’t describe the feeling of being surrounded by nature, it is really something you have to experience for yourself to fully understand.

Spring has definitely sprung. There was a flurry of activity from all of the birds at the reserve.

There are plenty of nestboxes located around the reserve, some of which have been taken by the local birds. I could not hear the sound of baby chicks in this nuthatch nest box, but the female was sitting on the nest. This male was bringing insects into the box on a regular basis. He didn’t go into the box, but passed them to the female through the hole.

IMG_0931 IMG_0929 IMG_0928


Two very cheeky blue tits went to have a nosy inside the box but were soon chased away by the male nuthatch…


I visited the Wolseley Centre around this time last year. As I walked across the bridge, a very friendly robin fledgling joined me. I was hoping to see more fledglings this year and I was not disappointed…

baby robin 2 baby robin

It was lovely to see the robins feeding their fledglings. I really wanted to film it. The fledglings stayed on branches pretty low to the ground and sometimes they were hidden by more branches, making it a bit of a challenge to film the action…

The Canada Geese also have a healthy brood of goslings. I counted 14 Canada goslings by the river…

IMG_0869 gosling

There are no signets yet, but the mute swan is sitting on a nest. The ranger told me that there would possibly be signets in the next couple of weeks…


And there are a pair of blue tits nesting at the reserve as well…





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