THE BABY BLUES: All 8 eggs have hatched! 17th May 2014

By the time I came home from work on Friday, two more eggs had hatched, making a total so far of 6 blue tit chicks.

As a little celebration, my family came round to my flat on Friday night to see the blue tit chicks live on the TV. After all, we had all been following their journey from the very beginning and it was very rewarding to see the lovely results. We watched the chicks for 3 hours, toppling over and wriggling around the nest box. Both parents were working very hard bringing green caterpillars and what looked like tiny slugs into the nest box for the chicks.


Sometimes both parents would go in search of food. Sometimes the female would stay on the nest and the male would bring food into the nest to feed to the chicks. And sometimes the male would pass food to the female who then fed it to the chicks. They were certainly doing a good job. I felt confident that they were looking after the chicks well, but there was still a part of me that felt very worried and anxious. But I didn’t want to become one of those people who gave out parenting advice to a pair of blue tits who were obviously very experienced in rearing a nest of chicks!



By Saturday afternoon all 8 eggs had hatched and all chicks were doing well! The parents were very busy, in and out of the nest box.

The Female Blue Tit eating the last egg shell…

The young chicks are unable to see at the moment, so when the mother enters the nest box she chirps to alert them that food is here….

My sister said that they remind her of ‘jibba jabba toys.’ I can definitely see what she means with heads bobbling in every direction.

This video shows the male bringing in a caterpillar, passing it to the female, who then alerts the chicks and feeds them. Excellent team work!

IMG_7826 IMG_7825

The eight Blue Tit Chicks being fed…

At one point, the female blue tit entered the nest box with a caterpillar. At the same time, a starling landed on the bird feeder close by. The female blue tit crouched down over her chicks with the caterpillar in her mouth. She waited until she heard the starling fly away, and then continued feeding the chicks. She obviously did not want to draw any attention to the nest box.

At the moment, the baby chicks are tiny. A blue tit is a very small bird, so looking at the chicks in comparison to the adults, I would guess they are the size of the end of your finger. They do look quite comical, with two bulbous eyes, a bright yellow beak and a few tufts of feathers.

Here are a few more photos. I just couldn’t resist! Watching this story develop from making a nest to laying the eggs and watching the eggs hatch is just such a magical experience.

IMG_7820 IMG_7818 IMG_7819 IMG_7817





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