THE BABY BLUES: 26th May 2014

The blue tit chicks eyes are now opening. There are still 7 chicks in the nest, but 4 chicks hatched on a Thursday, followed by 2 on the Friday and the last 2 on Saturday.

Unfortunately, one of the chicks didn’t make it, possibly due to him being the smallest, perhaps he was the last to hatch and just did not get as much food as the rest. So we are now left with the ‘7 dwarfs.’

As you can see from this next video, there is a clear difference in size. There is at least one chick who is considerably smaller than the other chicks and is not reaching up for food when the parents come into the box. He is definitely a concern for me.

It is such a lovely experience watching the story of these blue tits unfold. But I didn’t prepare myself for how hard it would be not to intervene and just let nature take its course.



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