THE BALCONY BLUES: 27th May – 30th May 2014

27th May

The blue tits are doing well, but unfortunately, another chick didn’t make it through the night. I noticed one of the parents rummaging around the bottom of the nest box. I wasn’t able to film it but she retrieved the baby chick from the bottom of the box and took it out of the nest box. A very sad moment.

This next video shows the female rummaging around. This was after she took the chick out of the box. They do this to check that all chicks are ok and also to remove any parasites…

Six healthy chicks can clearly be seen in this next video…

28th May 


On this next video you can clearly see six chicks in total. One is slightly hidden under the nesting material. I am worried about two of the chicks at the bottom of the screen who are not reaching for food. Baby chicks have such bright, big beaks so that the parents can see where to put the food. If the chicks don’t open their beaks the parents will not feed them.

On this next video, all chicks are reaching for the food. But I think this parent is being very ambitious with this giant grub! She finally gives up and flies out of the nest box with it.

29th May


Here you can see a clear difference in size. One chick is considerably bigger and stronger than the others. A lot of the chicks are hidden by the nesting material making it difficult for them to reach up for food and be seen by the parents.

30th May 


A bit of wing flapping has begun, a sign that the chicks may fledge soon. I am going to feel quite lost once they leave as I have enjoyed watching the story of these blue tits unfold.

Stay tuned to see what happens next…



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