A School Visit from Midlands Reptiles Parties (5th June 2014)

The pupils in year 5 at school have shown so much enthusiasm for wildlife and animals great and small. Being a wildlife enthusiast myself, along with Mrs Capper, we decided to set up lunchtime wildlife club.

The response from the pupils was overwhelming and unfortunately we had to narrow numbers down and pick names from a hat for our wildlife club. As you have seen from previous blogs the wildlife club have worked very hard building habitats for wildlife in the school grounds.

So, as a treat for the wildlife club we decided to invite a visitor into school, Midlands Reptiles Parties. But because so many pupils had shown interest in helping wildlife, we decided to include every child from year 5, not just the wildlife club.

The visit was a success! Midlands Reptiles brought in animals including a burmese python, royal python, hissing cockroaches, blue tree frog, chile rose tarantula, corn snake, monitor lizard and tortoise. I was very impressed with the bravery of the children. Very few shyed away from holding creepy crawlies such as cockroaches and developed a new found respect for animals which are often portrayed as scary or evil.


The children were very keen to see the animals.


Mrs Barker and Jessica looking slightly nervous with the burmese python.


Mrs Bradbury overcoming her fears.


The children loved the chile rose tarantula.


A very hoppy blue tree frog named Kermit.


Hissing cockroaches also proved to be a favourite.


A friendly little corn snake.


Me and the Monitor Lizard

The pupils were more than happy, actually let me rephrase that, the pupils were itching to hold the snakes and tarantulas. A highlight of the visit was when Dave (Midlands Reptiles) held up a bag and asked the children to guess what might be inside the bag. I was stunned when one child volunteered to close her eyes, put her hand in the bag and pull out the creature in the bag. It turned out to be a royal python. She is now a real celebrity in our classroom and school for that matter. An extremely brave thing to do.


snake 2

Well done Juliette!

The visit was so successful that the year 1 class have now organised a visit from Midlands Reptiles to tie in with their minibeast topic.

And as for me, well what can I say…

tarantula collage

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