BIRDS: A Ghostly Figure (12th June 2014)

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo to show on this post but sometimes just the experience is enough.

Parking up by a field in Staffordshire at dusk we waited patiently. We certainly had some funny looks from people driving past as we stood by the car looking out at the fields. What were we looking for?

No sound could be heard as it floated over a barn in the distance like a ghostly figure before disappearing into the trees. It was a barn owl. We continued looking. Then it appeared again quite close in the field in front of us. I held my breath not wanting to move. It flew silently and then dropped into the field. Had he spotted some prey? After a few minutes he appeared again and floated away into the distance.

Some people ask me if it is worth travelling for half an hour late at night just to catch a five minute glimpse of a barn owl. My answer is always ‘yes.’

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