BIRDS: Video Footage of a Tawny Owl Chick (22nd June 2014)

Some of the pupils at school are really enjoying following my blog, and they always have a tale or two about their own wildlife sightings.

They fell in love with the photographs of the tawny owl chicks so I promised them some video footage next time I visited the woods.

There is something exciting about going out at night in search of nocturnal wildlife in the woods of Staffordshire. Usually the only sound that can be heard is the tawny owl chicks calling.

Dave and I parked up and armed with cameras and a flashlight, we followed the sound of the tawny owl chicks calling. As the sound of the chicks gets louder the more exciting the mission becomes. We could hear the chicks calling quite clearly and were now sure they were just overhead. We shone the torch into the trees and there above us was one of the chicks holding what looked like some kind of rodent! I had planned to film a tawny owl chick sitting on a branch, the fact that he had prey was definitely a bonus! The video shows the chick calling to the other chicks who were close by. We could hear the mother in the distance and the father was just to the left of us in a tree holding prey to feed the chicks. Unfortunately with only one flashlight and a lot going on it was impossible to film everything. I have to say though, getting this footage of the tawny owl chick made my week!

Driving through the country lanes we spotted another tawny owl in a tree just on the edge of the forest. Initially we thought it was an adult but as it hopped onto another branch we realised it was a chick. There were a few on the edge of the forest. As the headlights hit the trees and the outline of the owl is visible you get a feeling of utter contentment. Spotting owls and other wildlife for the first time is amazing, but for me, the excitement never fades whether I have seen an animal once or if it is the hundredth time. Wildlife watching never ends because there will ALWAYS be something new to see.



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