A kingfisher themed weekend (21st/22nd June)

I took a visit to my favourite nature reserve in Staffordshire, The Wolseley Centre. I sat on my usual bench overlooking the river. I noticed quite a few photographers standing by the river so I knew the kingfishers must be active.

There were a pair of kingfishers darting up and down the river quite regularly that day. They flew down the river carrying a fish, before darting into the hole of the nest located on the mud bank. When exiting the nest, the adult kingfisher plunged quickly into the water before heading back down the river where he sat on a branch preening himself. The kingfishers continued this routine throughout most of the day. There were times when there were no sightings of the kingfishers for at least half an hour, then making 3 or 4 appearances in the space of 15 minutes. The routine was always the same. Arrive with a fish, sit on a stick protruding from the river with the fish, dart into the nest, exit the nest, plunge into the water and then head down the river to preen.

I spent a good 7 hours sitting by the river with a few keen photographers trying to get that perfect shot.




I wasn’t lucky enough to get a shot of the kingfisher sitting on the stick in the river, which obviously then required another visit to the river the next day and yet another the following Sunday. I eventually got a photograph of the kingfisher sitting on the stick holding a fish.

IMG_9237 IMG_9236


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