TAILS OF A NATURE RESERVE: Pied Flycatchers at RSPB Coombes Valley, Staffordshire

Coombes Valley is an RSPB nature reserve in the Staffordshire area. It is a great place to explore and discover wildlife in a woodland setting.


There are various trails around the reserve of varying lengths and to suit every level of walker.

I set off on a slightly overcast morning. Despite dark clouds hovering over me  for the entire walk, luckily the rain started just as I got into my car to leave. Phew! 

I was hoping to see redstarts which are often seen at the reserve. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts I didn’t see any sightings. However, I did follow the pied flycatcher trail and with a bit of observation and patience I watched a pair of pied flycatchers fly in and out of a nest box with food for their hungry brood. It took quite a lot of patience to get a photograph of these very quick birds. But my patience eventually paid off.



It certainly wasn’t this bugs lucky day


Removing a fecal sac from the nest

Although the pied flycatchers were the highlight of my visit, I spotted more flora and fauna during my walk. I am sure I missed plenty too which will require another trip there. I have heard there are plenty of buzzards flying overhead and grey wagtails on the brook.


‘I just can’t quite reach…’

IMG_8768 IMG_8748 IMG_8744


These bullfinches could be seen flying through the wildflower meadows.

This poster also caught my eye. It is a poem I have heard plenty of times. It is all about everything I believe in; to stop and make time to look at the natural world around us. 


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