To encourage more people to get out and about and experience nature, I have set up an internet page encouraging friends and family to share their own wildlife encounters.

I was ecstatic when within 5 minutes people were sharing their photographs of wildlife found in the Staffordshire area, mainly in their gardens.

Here are the photographs friends and family have shared. Thank you everyone and keep sharing!


Julie James: A bee flying into a poppy flower. A great photo taken on a mobile phone. This shows you don’t always need lots of technical gear to capture a great moment.


Ryan James: My cousin at one with nature.


Matthew Milner: A cunning fox at Cannock Chase, Staffordshire.

hawk moth caterpillar

Amanda Bradbury: Elephant Hawk Moth found in the garden.


Susan Yeo: Grey Heron

peacock butterfly

Jill Capper: Peacock Butterfly found in the garden.

peacock butterfly 2

Mick James: Peacock butterfly found in the conservatory on a very hot day!


Tom Merchant: Young robin in the garden


Katie Cheadle: A squirrel dashing across the house extension roof outside my sisters bedroom window….

squirrel 2

And then feeling very bold as my sister took this photograph.

butterfly richard

Richard Snape: What I think is a speckled wood butterfly.



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