WILD RECIPES: Wild Blackberry Crumble Cake Recipe

During my many walks in Summer I often see plenty of blackberry bushes in the wild. On this particular sunny day there were plenty of juicy, ripe blackberries so I set off on a mission to collect a few. A few soon turned into a whole tub of blackberries! 

Once I returned home I decided to bake a blackberry crumble cake. So, after a quick visit to my local shop at 9.30pm that evening to buy butter and eggs, I began baking.

1. I transferred the blackberries to a colander and washed them very thoroughly in cold water.

IMG_9647 IMG_9648

TIP: Make sure you dry the berries with kitchen roll.

2. I beat 120g of butter with 120g caster sugar.

3. I beat in 2 eggs then folded in 120g of self raising flour.


4. I spooned this into a lined and greased loaf tin and topped with the berries.


5. I rubbed 50g of butter into 100g of flour to create crumbs and stirred in 50g of sugar.

6. This was sprinkled evenly on top and then baked in the oven (180C)



7. After 50 minutes it was ready!

IMG_9654 IMG_9655



It was a hit with my family!

One thought on “WILD RECIPES: Wild Blackberry Crumble Cake Recipe

  1. This cake is amazing, great with custard too. Tried it with apples and rhubarb which worked well, plus a teaspoon of ground ginger in the crumble topping is something different to try.

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