Yes, more kingfisher shots at the Wolseley Centre! (26th July 2014)

Ok, so I have spent many hours sitting in the same spot by the same river at the same nature reserve, but I just can’t get enough of the pair of kingfishers that seem to be once again nesting in the mud banks there. They have already raised one brood earlier this year and by their regular visits to the nest hole it seems they may be considering a second.

My Mum and I sat by the river late in the afternoon and were joined by other kingfisher enthusiasts. We were also joined by a man who I met during a visit to the Wolseley Centre last year. When I met him I had never seen a kingfisher. After speaking to him he told me the exact location of the kingfisher and promised me if I waited long enough I would see the kingfisher darting up the river. Thanks to him I did see my first kingfisher that day and have been addicted ever since. Here are a few more shots I took because let’s face it, you can never have too many kingfisher photographs!

Copy of IMG_9307

Spot the pair…

Copy of IMG_9454 IMG_9452 IMG_9488


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