How to Spot a Kingfisher

So, if you didn’t already know, I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to kingfishers. I don’t know many people though who don’t get excited when they see that flash of blue across a river.

However, this time last year I had never seen a kingfisher. During a visit to Wolseley I met a man who advised me where to see a kingfisher. I stood and waited and as promised, the kingfisher put in an appearance. It was a blue flash across the river but that was enough to make my day.

Spotting wildlife for the first time can be very difficult. We see photographs in books and wildlife on TV but experiencing it first hand is the key! I have been watching kingfishers for almost a year now and I feel quite confident when it comes to spotting one. Many people walk right past a river totally unaware that there is a kingfisher sitting in a nearby tree. I can’t imagine how many times I have done this. I often sit and watch kingfishers at The Wolseley Centre in Staffordshire. I point them out to passers by but even then it takes them a while to see the kingfisher in a tree. This shows how hard it can be to spot wildlife. 

Here is a photograph of the River Trent at Wolseley. Can you spot the kingfisher?… (Click the photo to enlarge)


He is sitting in this tree… (circled red. Click to enlarge)


Copy of IMG_9458

My Mum and Dad also spotted kingfishers along a river in Wales. My Dad got this photograph on his phone. Can you spot him?…


He is just flying across the river…

spot_the_kingfisher[1] with spot

So if you want to spot a kingfisher my top three tips would be…

1. Be patient. You may be waiting by a river for an hour at least before spotting one.

2. Be observant. Keep your eyes peeled for the flash of blue across a river. Also the call of a kingfisher is a big giveaway that one is close by.

3. Take your binoculars. This way you can scan the trees to check for kingfishers. They sit very quietly watching fish in the river.


One thought on “How to Spot a Kingfisher

  1. The river was the banwy, we had previously spotted a dipper there and had gone back to look for it. Waited for a while, no luck, then suddenly, beeeep, and a Kingfisher flew past, the noise they make is like a tease, see if you can spot me beeeeeep. Ha ha

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