A Home for a Perfect Hedgehog Family (11th September 2014)

School has begun again and after a week of settling into the new school year we were back on track with the school wildlife club.

After the discovery of two dead hedgehogs in the school grounds, we set the club the task of building homes for hedgehogs. We started by allowing the children to research how to make a hedgehog home on the school computers.

However, one of the younger members of the club was so keen that he made his own hedgehog home at home that very same night. The next morning he came running up to me on the school playground holding a cardboard box covered in a black bin liner (to waterproof the home). This really did make my day! I was so excited by his enthusiasm that I let him show the rest of the school during assembly that morning and made him a special hedgehog themed certificate. I should also mention that this hedgehog home came complete with straw (for bedding) and a tin of dog food for the hedgehog.

The Remains of one of the Hedgehogs

10696448_10152417420809436_6861710164154717849_n 10696448_10152417420804436_8432043717065364659_n


The Hedgehog Home


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