Migrating Squabbling Swallows (3rd September 2014)

Things in the wildlife world seem to be very quiet at the moment. I am now back at work but I am still making the most of the sunny evenings by going for walks at my local nature reserves. My favourite being Apedale Country Park which I pass on my way home from work.

On this occasion I had seen a few dragonflies and butterflies around the pond and the local pair of buzzards which regularly glide over the pond. But there was not the usual buzz of birdsong and calls.

However, as I left the park, I noticed a huge flock of birds perched on a telegraph wire. I had to pull over to get a closer look. There were so many swallows I lost count! Swallows perch on wires especially in Autumn before migrating to Africa. I took a few photographs but eventually sat back and watched all the squabbling that was going on between them!

10604029_10152401890094436_3140119647242479452_o 10680075_10152401869059436_5338908933848435496_o

10547872_10152401895024436_7815613115003424997_o 1926141_10152401898149436_6920693137140751307_o

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