TAILS OF A NATURE RESERVE: RSPB Old Moor and a starling murmuration taster (21st August 2014)

I took a visit to RSPB Old Moor in Yorkshire during the summer holidays. I would really like to visit as many nature reserves around the UK as I possibly can. I have to say, outside of Staffordshire so far, none have beaten my favourite RSPB reserve, Leighton Moss in Lancashire.

It took me just over 2 hours to get to Old Moor nature reserve. I made my way to the ‘Bittern hide’ where a kingfisher had been spotted that day. I waited in the very busy hide. It was a young girl who spotted the kingfisher first. He came quite close and at one point was hovering over the lake in search of fish.



Further along in another hide I noticed a bird of prey flying over the lake. Unfortunately it isn’t the best photograph, but it was definitely a marsh harrier.


So I wasn’t surprised, even though it was only August, when I saw a very small starling murmuration over the reeds. This reminded me of one of the reasons why I do look forward to the winter months. The other visitors in the hide were also enjoying this little taster of what is to come as the weather gets colder.

IMG_0321 IMG_0320 IMG_0319 IMG_0325

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