Badger Sett Footage: ‘The Peanut Thief.’ (7th September 2014)

A few months ago me and my Mum were very excited when we found a badger sett at a nature reserve in the Staffordshire area. We spotted many signs that indicated this was an active badger sett including large used badger sett entrances and exits and badger fur on barbed wire…

badger hole

badger hole

badger fur

badger fur

So we decided to set my very well camouflaged camera trap up in a hidden spot at the nature reserve. I scattered some peanuts near to the camera in the hope of attracting the badgers to the camera.

A week later we collected the camera trap and couldn’t wait to get home to watch the footage. There were plenty of videos of badgers proving that the sett is active! Of course I couldn’t include a weeks worth of badger videos on my blog. However, we did notice a comical story unfold as we watched the videos.

The peanuts I had scattered were quickly found and cached by a very busy and enthusiastic squirrel…

Later that night these ‘well hidden’ peanuts were found by a hungry badger with a great sense of smell…

Leaving a very confused squirrel the next day…

Poor little chap! And after all his hard work too!

Here is another video showing two badgers at the sett. The badger at the front has spotted the camera…


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