Our first sighting of a cuckoo at Cannock Chase (28th April 2015)

The beginning of spring is when adders begin to come out of hibernation. So hoping to spot an adder one sunny, yet slightly overcast morning we headed to Cannock Chase.

Unfortunately we only caught a very brief glimpse of one adder. However, as always when visiting a nature reserve we were not disappointed as we saw plenty of other wildlife favourites on our visit.




Green hairstreak


Great spotted woodpecker (record shot)


Based on it’s call and records of sightings at Cannock Chase, we were fairly confident that we had spotted our first woodlark?

As always at this time of the year, we could hear the distinct call of the cuckoo, often heard but rarely seen. Not wanting to be defeated, we went on a wild goose, or should we say, cuckoo chase. We limited our search to one piece of woodland where we were regularly hearing the cuckoo’s calls. Moving from one side of the woodland to another, me staying in one spot, John staying in another it started to feel very unlikely that we were going to see this elusive bird. But luck was on our side that day and John managed to get a shot of this beautiful bird.


The cuckoo – often heard but rarely seen



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