My first Hawfinch sighting, 15th February 2016

After seeing an episode of Springwatch a few years back where Martin Hughes Games held  a hawfinch I couldn’t believe how big this finch was. I had never seen one and as finches are one of my favourite types of birds I decided I really wanted to see one. So, during the February half term, we sacrificed a lie in in the hope of seeing one of these birds at Sizergh Castle in Cumbria.

After an hour and a half journey, we arrived just before 7am. It was a chilly morning and luckily we didn’t even have to leave the comfort of our car. The hawfinch arrived on a bit of earth near to the car park. We were quite a distance away and were afraid we may scare the finch away, so we watched and admired from afar. When seen next to a chaffinch, it is clear to see the huge difference in size.


  • The UK’s largest finch
  • Very difficult to see in the UK due to their shy nature.


  • Great to see from the car park at Sizergh castle
  • Arrive early. This hawfinch disappeared into the woods just after 8am
  • Sprinkle some seed on the ground to attract the finches
  • Watch from afar

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