Starling Murmurations, my favourite wildlife spectacle

This year I was hoping to travel to various places to see my favourite wildlife spectacle, the starling murmuration. Places like the Somerset Levels and Gretna Green, famous for starling murmurations, were on my list but funds are low this year as I am getting married in the summer, so I decided to put my travels around the UK on hold until next year.

But as it turned out, we didn’t have to travel too far to see this amazing spectacle. In fact, the two we saw were within an hours drive away.

The first one took place at RSPB Conwy on 18th February 2016. I had seen that there had been starling murmurations here. Waiting on the car park at Conwy at 5pm, the first few starlings arrived, eventually turning into an amazing murmuration over the car park just before the heavens opened and the rain poured down.

The second took place at Aqualate in Staffordshire on 19th March 2016. We took a visit to Aqualate to see an American Widgeon that had been spotted on the lake. We did see the widgeon but from a distance unfortunately. We left to get a cuppa and returned later as we had heard that starling murmurations had took place there in the past. We decided to brave the cold and risk a second visit back to Aqualate later that day. We waited patiently and were rewarded by the most amazing starling murmuration I have ever seen!

We returned the following evening with my mum and dad. The sight of so many starlings reduced my mum to tears. I know exactly how she feels.

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