My first Ring Ouzel sighting, 13th April 2016

We had looked for ring ouzels at a reserve about 30 minutes drive from our flat, but we had had no luck. Little did we know that there were two just across the road from where we live!

We took a walk to the Wedgewood Monument, which is a short ten minute walk from our flat after work one evening. I spotted my first wheatear which was great and I loved watching him hopping through the grass, what a comical little character! We saw meadow pipits and skylarks too. But the cherry on the cake was the ring ouzels. Wow! I have never seen one before and have always wondered what all the hype is about. Until you see one of these birds, that look like a blackbird with a bib, you will not understand what a magical experience it is. The strange thing was, the previous evening I had just read the chapter in ‘The Urban Birder’ by David Lindo where he spoke about seeing ring ouzel on his local patch. How strange that the following evening we spotted ring ouzel on our local patch too.

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