The Balcony Blues are nesting! 1st May 2016

After a typically rainy start to the bank holiday weekend, we reluctantly decided not to battle the weather and had a lazy day indoors instead, a rare occurance for us. As we were sitting on the sofa, John catching up on recent local bird sightings and me reading ‘The Urban Birder’ I noticed one of the blue tits flying towards the nest box on our wall carrying nesting material!

The blue tits had started building a nest in February this year but had then taken all the nesting material out again. They didn’t nest last year and we didn’t have high hopes for this year either.

Our nest box camera is very basic, a couple of leads we have to swap over from the dvd player to the nest box camera lead. ‘Quick John! Swap the leads,’ I said excitedly. As an outdoor person, I was beginning to feel quite fed up of the constant dreary weather, if the blue tits were nesting this was just what I needed to give me a lift. As the TV screen came on I was over the moon. There in front of us was a huge nest built from straw, conifer and moss. We spent the rest of the evening staring at the TV screen waiting for them to come back into the box so we could get a photograph and video footage.

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