Tawny Owl chick in Staffordshire, 17th May 2016

During a walk in a woodland in Staffordshire after work we were approached by a dog who came bounding towards us. That is when we saw a large bird, which had obviously been spooked, fly from the trees and realised it was a tawny owl. After a few minutes it flew back into the woodland. On searching the woodland I saw a silhouette sitting on a branch high up in a tree. At first I thought it was the tawny owl. In fact it was a tawny owl chick! We were both so excited to be watching a tawny owlet in the daylight and he was certainly a poser for the camera…

tawny chick 1

This was an opportunity too good to miss so I was straight on the phone to my Mum and Dad who joined us within minutes.

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