A Summer of Butterflies, 2016

I have never looked forward to the summer months strangely enough. Bird life often becomes quiet during these times. But this year I discovered something equally, if not more magical in the natural world this summer.

My husband has a passion for butterflies and this  passion has taken us all over the country to some extremely beautiful places to see some extremely beautiful butterflies.

We often see butterflies floating elegantly over a field, but how often do we look closely at their intricate patterns, fuzzy heads and clubbed antennae? The curly tongue taking nectar from plants? I have to be honest, I rarely have. This post will show you the macro and magical world of these amazing little insects that most of us take for granted. It features all of the butterflies we have encountered and chased through the summer months of 2016.

I am a mere beginner when it comes to Lepidoptera, but this summer has left me truly inspired. I have watched feisty butterflies chasing birds away from their territories and discovered how the painted lady travels all the way from Morocco to be here in the UK. I have learnt how some butterflies die, some hibernate and some never stop travelling. How often do we think about the lives these tiny insects lead. I have only touched the tip of the iceburg when it comes to learning about butterflies and already I can’t wait for next summer to begin. In my opinion, we should all be enchanted by butterflies.

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