Waxwings, Hednesford

A waxwing is in my top ten list of birds I would like to see. I have heard stories of huge flocks of waxwing turning up on berry bushes during migration. My dad told me about a flock which turned up only 5 minutes from our house years ago. They are a bird I have only ever seen in books; I wanted to see the real thing. During a search for the great grey shrike in Derbyshire, 4 turned up unexpectedly and very briefly. The view wasn’t great though. Then one had been spotted near a high school in Cheadle. An hour or two waiting and still no luck. Then at last, we had an amazing encounter in Hednesford, Staffordshire. Four waxwings were feeding on berry bushes near a row of houses. The views were amazing. They were much bigger than I imagined with feathers just as impressive as any tropical bird, in my opinion at least.

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