Hand-feeding Robins, RSPB Conwy

Over the past few months in particular I have been lucky enough to see many a rare bird. I have grown to love twitching, and yet, my heart still lies with the faithful robin. If anything in the world can make you feel at peace and forget your worries, an encounter with a robin is it!

A visit to RSPB Conwy was particularly memorable over the Christmas holidays. Walking through the nature reserve we were, well the only way I can describe it is ambushed! Out of nowhere appeared two very bold robins and they were certainly not going to let us past without payment. Dried mealworms work a treat in tricky situations like this. This robin in particularly sat on my hand for over a minute, at times looking very wistful. In that moment all surroundings melted away, it was just me and the robin. There really is no other feeling quite like it.


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