Eastern Black Redstart, Skinningrove

At the weekend we headed to Skinningrove, a small village in North Yorkshire. A rare Eastern Black Redstart had been spotted on the beach there and of course we had to see it. It had first been spotted a few weeks previously, so by the time we had arrived only a few twitchers remained. As the day wore on, we were the only two left to enjoy this mega rare bird. And he was a joy to watch. Constantly flicking his tail up and down, flitting between the boulders on the beach and regularly looking down at its toes, this little bird acted very similarly to our European robin. He certainly wasn’t shy and remained in full view, unaware and quite frankly, uninterested in our presence. Although well liked by us, he was continually chased away by the robins and dunnocks that frequented the beach. The little redstart gave as good as he got though. From the video below it is clear what keeps him here;the vast amount of flies buzzing around!

Yes, your toes are still there…




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