Three Bean and a Pink-footed, Whitmore, Staffordshire

We had heard that 3 bean geese had been spotted in a farmer’s field in Whitmore, only a 5 minute drive from where I work. My husband and I met there one evening after work feeling very hopeful, only to be greeted by a tractor in the field. We couldn’t be too angry; the farmer was putting out grain for the geese, but it dashed our chances of seeing the geese that day before it went dark. We headed back a few evenings later. By the time we had pin-pointed the geese, the night was drawing in and the views were not too great. Luckily the bean geese stuck around and we were able to see all three and one lone pink-footed goose in the field the following Sunday. Bean geese and pink-footed geese can look very similar from a distance, but note the pink legs and feet on the pink-footed compared to the bright orange on the bean geese.

Three Bean…

And a pink-footed…

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