Ring-necked Parakeets, London

On a visit to London we were hoping to get our first sighting of a ring-necked parakeet. After researching where they can be seen, we headed into Kensington gardens. It didn’t take long to firstly hear them and then see them flying through the trees.

Ring-necked parakeets were established in the wild in the 1970’s after captive birds were released in the late 1960’s. Despite their tropical origin, parakeets are able to cope with the cold British winters.

Parakeet numbers are increasing rapidly. Although they are a beautiful sight to see for people like us where seeing a green parakeet flying through the woodland is a novelty, locals in London feel differently. Their loud calls drown out the songs of our native UK birds and competition for nest holes could risk a decline in woodpecker, starling and nuthatch numbers.

This possible impact is being monitored closely but for now they are here to stay.

Ring-necked Parakeet, Kensington Gardens


Ring-necked Parakeet, Richmond Park


Footage of ring-necked parakeets in Richmond Park…

Footage of ring-necked Parakeets in Kensington Gardens…



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