The Reptile Diaries: Grass Snake mating ball

Name: Grass Snake

Place: Apedale Country Park

Date: 8th April 2017

Time: 3.00pm

Weather: Very sunny

Reptiles have to be my favourite group of animals. I have always championed the underdog in the animal world; those creatures who many people fear or dislike. For me reptiles, particularly snakes, are very misunderstood.

I visited Apedale a few years ago in search of my first view of a grass snake. I had a few fleeting glimpses which I was extremely happy with at the time. But I wanted more. After a very quiet year for me on the reptile front last year, I was determined to see a lot more this year.

Blessed with a very warm and sunny day on the first day of the Easter holidays, not only were myself and my husband able to see a grass snake, but we witnessed what is called a ‘mating ball’ in the flattened down reeds on the pond at Apedale Country Park.

Grass snakes emerge from hibernation in March and normally mate in April. Males will chase a female and form what is called a ‘mating ball.’Each male writhes frantically to achieve a mating position. Usually the largest male succeeds.

Video footage of a male grass snake in search of a mate…

grass snake2

Video footage of the ‘mating ball’ we witnessed at Apedale Country park…

The mating ball…

grass snake

grass snake2

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