Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Name: Lesser spotted woodpecker

Place: Marbury Country Park

Date: 13th April 2017

Time: 1.30pm

Weather: Cloudy

We visited Marbury Country Park in hope of seeing a lesser spotted woodpecker. Lesser spotted woodpecker numbers are declining due to loss of nesting sights. These are usually taken by the greater spotted woodpecker or the ring-necked parakeet in London. Marbury Country Park is a vast area, and the best time to see one is in spring just before the leaves begin to appear on the trees and the woodpeckers are looking for a suitable nesting site.

A tricky task

Spotting this bird was certainly a challenge…

  • Due to declining numbers it is the least common of the three woodpeckers that are resident in Britain…
  • It is also the smallest of the three woodpeckers; about the size of a sparrow.
  • It tends to nest and feed higher up in the trees.
  • Much quieter in its drumming and tapping than the greater spotted woodpecker.

We visited, or should I say searched,the country park on Tuesday; no luck. We searched again on Wednesday; still no luck. We took our final visit on Thursday and our patience paid off. We were merely hoping for a glimpse of a lesser spotted woodpecker. What we were rewarded with was a 30 minute clear view of a lesser spotted woodpecker excavating a nest site! We could not believe our luck!

I hope that we can bring this little bird back from the brink of extinction. If not, I feel very privileged to have seen, watched, photographed and filmed one for my future generations to see.


Video footage of the lesser spotted woodpecker…

A much smaller, and I think scruffier, woodpecker compared to the greater spotted woodpecker…


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