Reptile Diaries: The Slow Worm

Name: Slow Worm

Place: RSPB Ynys-Hir

Date: 17th April 2017

Time: 3.00pm

Weather: Cloudy

Oh my goodness, where do I begin my story about the slow worm. I have wanted to see one of these legless lizards for quite some time. Days have been spent looking on embankments on sunny days. Everyone seemed to have seen a slow worm except us. We were beginning to wonder if they existed at all; were they just a myth like the Loch Ness Monster?

To cut a long story short, lifting up a piece of corrugated material at Ynys-Hir, we were expecting to find a grass snake. I remember seeing this shorter, paler looking serpent-type creature and my heart skipped a beat. We both chorused ‘slow worm’ at the same time. We were ecstatic!

A slow worm isn’t slow and it isn’t a worm either. The slow worm is actually a legless lizard. Unlike a snake it has eyelids so it is able to blink. Handling a slow worm is a lot different to handling a grass snake. The slow worm is much more wrigglier and powerful too. Slow worms need to be handled carefully. If picked up by the tail they can shed this.




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