The Reptile Diaries: Grass Snake at Kinver Edge

Name: Grass Snake

Place: Kinver Edge

Date: 22nd April 2017

Time: 3.00pm

Weather: Sunny and warm

Walking through a habitat which I thought was perfect for adders, I was surprised to see a grass snake! The good thing about experiencing nature yourself is that you learn things that you may not learn through books. For example, I was always led to believe that a good habitat for grass snakes is ponds and the surrounding area around ponds. The area where we found this grass snake was heathland, a perfect habitat for adders and not a pond in sight! I was also led to believe that spotting a grass snake, or any kind of snake for that matter, was best done early morning. We encountered this one basking in the sun at 3pm. A lot can be learnt from books but nothing beats exploring and experiencing nature yourself.

The heathland habitat can be seen in the background…

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