The Reptile Diaries: Adders at Wyre Forest

Name: Adder

Place: Wyre Forest

Date: 23rd April 2017

Time: 1.00pm

Weather: Cloudy with breaks of sunshine.

After watching a clip about a lady, Sylvia Sheldon, who surveys adders in the Wyre Forest, we went in search of some. Like Cannock Chase, the Wyre Forest is a vast area of bracken, heathland and woodland. On a hunch, we visited a certain area of the forest filled with bracken. It must have been our lucky day. We walked through a gate, and straight away to our right, we spotted a male and female adder basking in the sun. Some people never have the opportunity to see an adder. With numbers declining there are very few left in the wild. Sensing our footsteps, as adders can feel vibrations rather than hear sound, they retreated amongst the bracken. We decided to continue walking as eventually adders will return to the same spot to bask. After 20 minutes we walked carefully to the same spot. We were rewarded with an amazing view of two male adders and a female. The female is much larger and browner in colour. The male is smaller with silvery colouring.

We were able to watch them bask in the sun on logs and slither amongst the bracken. They seemed to get used to our presence and we were able to watch them for quite some time…


A female (left) and male adder…adder5adder6


This video footage shows a male adder ready to bask on a log. I love how mechanical their movements are…

This video footage shows a male and female adder. Here you can see the difference in size and colour…


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