The Slow Worm…again!

Name: Slow Worm

Place: Powerstock Common/RSPB Arne/Durlston Country Park

Date: May/June 2017

Time: 11.00am – 5.00pm

Weather: Sunny/Cloudy

Last year we were absolutely gutted that we had never seen a slow worm. This year has certainly made up for it. In total, in the space of a week, we have seen almost 30 slow worms. Literally no stone goes un-turned when it comes to looking for slow worms and the anticipation and excitement is the same felt as a child on Christmas morning. One of the most docile creatures I have ever encountered; curious and intriguing. What I like the most is the way their tails wrap tightly around my fingers. Can not sing their praises enough.

Spot the baby slow worm…baby slow wormslow worm 2slow worm

This one slithered across the path at RSPB Arne…slow worm

Spot the three slow worms…slow worm3slow worm4

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