The Sand Lizard

Name: Sand Lizard

Place: RSPB Arne

Date: 31st May/2nd June 2017

Time: 6.00pm

Weather: Sunny

We have seen almost all of the British reptiles, so heading to RSPB Arne where all 6 native reptiles live, we were hoping to catch glimpses of both the sand lizard and smooth snake. A lot of our time was dedicated to the sand lizard and after 3 days of dedicated searching at both RSPB Arne and Studland Heath we were rewarded with a stunning male sand lizard in his stunning, green breeding colours.

Strangely enough, we had spotted a sand lizard on day 1 of our search at RSPB Arne, but never seeing one before we put it down as being a common lizard especially because its breeding colours were fading. But without our 2 day continued search we would not have seen a male sand lizard in all its glory.

sand lizardsand lizard

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