The Purple Emperor

Name: Purple Emperor Butterfly

Place: Fermyn Woods

Date: 24th/25th June 2017

Weather: Sunny

Seeing this butterfly for the first time in such pristine condition made me realise what all the hype is about. We saw one last year but unfortunately it was on its last legs and slightly scruffy looking. Initially the purple emperor landed on my husband’s leg and the following day circled me a few times. Unfortunately this is not a compliment to either of us as this particular butterfly is drawn to the scent of rotting fish! In my defence he never actually landed on me!

Only when you see this butterfly in the flesh can you truly understand and respect why this creature is the emperor of the forest.

A deep indigo in colour, but only if the light hits the wings just right as you can see from the photos below…



Fermyn Woods is a haven for many, many insects and arachnids and another reason why I love it here so much…

beebugCommaringletgrasshopperhoverflyspiderkatydidmarbled whitesmall skippersmall skipper2


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