Caught on Camera

Heading to a woodland in Staffordshire one evening we were hoping to see badgers. We have seen badgers in this particular woodland before as well as fresh signs of badgers including numerous dens. We stood quietly by a tree at dusk but as the evening drew in we realised we would have to give up our mission for now. Instead, we began setting up our camera trap on a nearby tree and that is when we heard a very loud marching sound coming our way, and it was getting louder! I have to say 99% of me was certain it was badgers but my heart still went into my mouth. Kneeling frozen to our spot we looked up to see 4 badgers trudging along the path. Our eyes locked with theirs for a few moments, before they carried on as normal, rolling around and play fighting near a den before heading out into the fields. Wow! What a truly memorable moment. I never tire of seeing these truly mesmerising creatures.

My camera trap was a little muddy when we went to collect it two weeks later so I was confident that something had been ‘caught on camera…’



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